HIEMT Course

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Prerequisite to enrol in this course: Anatomy & Physiology Level 3


(Fully CPD Accredited training -12 points)

High-intensity electromagnetic technology (HIEMT) is an acronym for high-intensity electromagnetic technology.

HIEMT contracts muscles in a specific location with a powerful but safe form of electromagnetic stimulation.

These magnetic fields generate electrical currents, which are then transferred to the muscles, where they contract often enough to develop muscle and burn fat.

Final results, which can be as dramatic as looking to be equal to six months of dieting and workouts, are typically noticeable four weeks after the treatment plan is completed, or about six weeks after the first session.

( Fully CPD Accredited training -12 points)





Online Training Modules

Lesson 1: Health and Safety
Lesson 2: Salon Hygiene and Safety, Appearance of Therapist & Professional Ethics
Lesson 3: Sterilisation Methods, Antiseptics & Disinfectants, Storage and Insurance
Lesson 4: Electricity
Lesson 5: Anatomy & Physiology: The Skin
Lesson 6: The Cardiovascular System
Lesson 7: The Lymphatic System
Lesson 8: The Nervous System
Lesson 9: Muscles
Lesson 10: Fats
Lesson 11: Cellulite
Lesson 12: What is HIEMT?
Lesson 13: The Process of Muscle Growth
Lesson 14: Contraindications | General Health & Wellness
Lesson 15: Contraindications
Lesson 16: Client Consultation & Record Keeping
Lesson 17: Contra actions Treatment; Measuring Client
Lesson 18: Treatment Steps and Aftercare
Training Video